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Welcome to the Red Dragon Inn, a High Fantasy Freeform Role playing environment based in an IRC chat. This room originated back in 1998, created by Pronoxi and has survived all these years because of the dedicated support of our loyal patrons.

Everybody is welcome to join our room, our doors are always open, whether you’re coming for the roleplay or simply want to chat in the Out of Character room. All we ask is that you read and follow the rules written out on this site so that everyone can enjoy their time at RDI.

If you are new here, there is lots of information on this site to help you get acquainted with the details of roleplaying, and the IC environment. While you’re not required to read it all, it is suggested that you read through the basic information provided in the Getting Started section to avoid being confused when you bring your character in.

There are many ways to access our roleplaying room, the easiest for your first visit is to simply click the link entitled ‘Enter the Inn,’ and make sure you allow the java client permission to run. While the java client does allow you to chat and roleplay in RDI, most people prefer to use a client such as mIRC to connect to the room. We can be found at in the channels #RDI and #RDIOOC.

If you need further assistance, feel free to ask around in the OOC room, visit the message boards, or contact an operator via email.